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Octopress It Is

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So I decided to go with Octopress as a static blogging platform instead of plain old Jekyll as I have in the past.


  • It’s based on Jekyll.
  • I’ve been lazy lately when it comes to doing web markup, so having a default theme (and a nice set of third party themes) was a major plus.
  • I really like this theme. The background image on the default theme caused some weird display flickering in Chrome on my MBP, a problem that I’ve had a number of times before.


  • The rake tasks are a bit weird. While I’m no expert with Rake, I prefer “object:action params” to “object_action[params]”.
  • I use S3 for hosting this site and the jekyll-to-s3 gem that I used previously doesn’t work with Octopress’s publishing mechanisms.

We’ll see how this experiment with Octopress goes.