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Things I’ve been working on lately:

  • The 9 to 5, which is almost exclusively Enterprise Java™
  • Playing EVE Online.
  • Contributing to pyhole, a mapping tool for EVE that was created by a friend and member of the same in game corporation. For those unfamiliar with EVE, this tool is used to assist in navigating ephemeral wormhole connections between wormhole systems and known solar systems.
  • Contributing to ykill (which is visible publicly here), another tool for EVE created by the same person as pyhole. For those unfamiliar with EVE, think of this tool as a big scorecard. Destroy someone’s ship? It’ll show up there, along with all of the times that you’ve lost ships.
  • Creating skillbook, a web-based tool for tracking skills and skill queues in EVE. Most of my non-working hours for the past few weeks have gone into this project. I’ve attached a screenshot of it at the bottom of this post, click to make it larger.
  • Reading Ruby Under a Microscope and Doing Data Science. Out of the two, I’ve read more of Ruby because there’s less math to wade through during reading time (that is, 12 AM+)

skillbook image

(some parts of this image have been altered, since that’s not my real name)