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Shorty Update: Python

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Remarks about the three implementations completed thus far:


  • Least disliked version (as a whole) thus far
  • Least painful to develop (no surprise; I’ve worked with Tornado previously)


  • I’d gotten rather used to class-based views; they were missed here
  • I enjoyed using the Jinja2 template engine (certainly more than the Tornado template engine)
  • Lack of included batteries seems like a major step backwards after using Django and Tornado

Flask with SQLAlchemy

  • Nope
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy package made using SQLAlchemy less painful, but, as a whole, Alchemy is the least pleasant ORM I’ve used

Up next: Spring (Java). I look forward to using it properly with Maven or Gradle, a nice change of pace from work where those tools are curiously verboten. [Edit 2/20/15: Maven is no longer disallowed by my employer.]